About Us

“A small association with a great commitment for animal protection.”

In October 2011, it finally happened: We founded the Association for Wildlife Protection, Verein zum Schutz wilder Tiere e.V. As early as in the middle of 2011, animal friends gathered in Freiburg and decided to no longer stand and watch the extinction of unique species in the world. Quickly it became clear to us, that we did not only want to support international animal protection projects financially, but also actively form part of the animal protection movement. During the course of the year, the idea of founding our own association matured. We wanted to manage the donations transparently according to their purpose of serving animals’ most urgent needs.

“Wildlife conservation is only  possible with a shared holistic disposition.”

In cooperation with other animal welfare groups on a national and international level, we want to create synergies to render our efforts for the protection of the species most effective. At the same time, we also want to promote scientific research and boost developmental assistance for the benefit of the local population (in accordance with § 58 no. 2 AO).

The gorilla is depicted on our logo and its protection is particularly important to us. In October 2011, after months of preparation, research and the development of ideas, we succeeded not only in establishing the AWP, but also initiated our first large gorilla conservation project. In collaboration with the WWF Germany, we were able to donate a car repair shop to the national park Dzanga Sangha in the Central African Republic. This repair shop is destined to support rangers in their efforts to protect a large herd of lowland gorillas amidst the political unrest in the country.

“A voice for animals!”

With our researches and video clips, we also want to inform the public and raise awareness to the abuses and threats that particular species are facing. If there a public awareness of the sometimes dramatic situations of individual species exists, only then sufficient resources can be gathered to protect the animals in danger.

Animals cannot speak for themselves. They need our support to be able to survive and live a life in dignity and freedom!