Project in Cameroon – “Wildlife Run”

7. April 2015

Currently, the AWP is working on an innovative educational project with international partners called the “Wildlife Run” in Cameroon

The event is designed around the protection and educational information of the

Trailer_8-1Gorilla gorilla diehli (Cross-River gorilla),





Pan troglodytes ellioti (Nigeria-Cameroon Chimpanzee),



Loxodonta africana cyclotis (African Elephant)





We are developing an interactive educational game that we want to take on a road tour. We intend to take this program to the people that share their home with endangered animal species in order to enable a better understanding of these animals and their needs.

The educational game works like a mobile cinema that lets an entire village – or school – participate simultaneously, no technical knowledge required.

“Nature conversation is fun”! With the help of the game, anyone can quickly learn what exact species is in danger and how it can protected.

The sustainability of this educational training program is provided by experienced animal rights activists. They professionally accompany the program and personally answer the questions of the locals in detail.

In harmony with the effort to improve the living conditions for animals, we also want to improve the living conditions of local people. Local people themselves make this happen and receive rewards for any active animal protection deeds that they carry out. Villages that pursue sustainable animal and nature protection activities get rewarded with an installation of solar energy panels or with a financial subsidy that fits their unique developmental needs.

For these initiatives, we need YOUR SUPPORT!

Project Wildlife Run is developed, funded and supported by professionals of the
WWF         (World Wide Fund for Nature, CFP, Cameroon),
WCS          (World Conservation Society, Takamanda-Mone Area),
ERuDeF   (The Environment and Rural Development Foundation)
ACF           (African Conservation Foundation)
AWP         (Assiciation for Wildlife Protection)

Donation account:
AWP, Ver.Schtz.wild.Tiere eV 79104 Freiburg
IBAN: DE74 6601 0075 0445 3877 54
Postbank Karlsruhe
(Account number: 0445387754, bank sorting code number: 660,100,75)

Memo “Wildlife Run”.

Project trailer