Project in Cameroon – Cross River gorilla

7. April 2015

The Cross River gorilla (gorilla gorilla diehli) is the most endangered gorilla subspecies in the world. Only about 400 individuals remain in the border area between Nigeria and Cameroon. Infrastructural development and agriculture threatens their habitat and further isolates the already small family groups from genetic exchange.  Although under Cameroon’s laws they are protected and poaching is punished with huge fines, some of these very rare individuals are still getting eradicated by humans.

The AWP went to Cameroon to engage into protecting the endangered Cross River gorillas. We talked with representatives from the local government (MINFOF) on site and donated 2 Juniper Cyber Tracking systems to the award winning animal rights activists Louis Nkembi of the African Conservation Foundation ACF. The devices automatically store geodata. As a result, the traditional knowledge of local trackers on migration routes of animals can be stored and their observation analyzed much more easily. This supports the work of scientists significantly.

Our video clip documents the current situation of the animals and shows the challenges that animal rights activist are facing.